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About MrArrowhead.Com in Memory of Pam MorganSite Owner / Webmaster D.Shaun MorganWho is MrArrowhead?Mrarrowhead is a character in a short story that was Authored by

Activate Windows Now

Windows 7 Activation Error - Activate Windows within 5 DaysWindows 7 was installed and you start to see the following errorsDesktop Background Turns Completely Black An Error and/or a Box Pops-Up Saying"This version of Windo


string addcslashes(string $str , string $charlist)How to use addslashes<?php$SlashedString = 'Myexample';$char_list = 'ea';$StrippedString = add

admin runner

Run Programs as Admin from User AccountDownload Here

array rand

array_rand(array $input [, int $num_req= 1 ])ReturnsRandom keyArgumentsArgument 1 is an array. Arguments 2 is an integer that determines how many keys will be returnedThe script below uses the random function to shuffle around the array indexes in con

bad network connection things to check

Windows Xp Computer Won't connect to the Internet. Look on your desktop for "Network places." Right click and choose "properties." Look for "local area con

binary search user functions

Binary Search User FunctionThe code in the example is for finding a given value in a sorted array.If the value is not found the function will return the position of the location where it the value should be.

build my first webpage

Building Your First WebsiteBeginner's Website TutorialBuilding webpages technically requires little more than a text editor such as Notepad and a basic understanding of HTML.However, most people that decide to learn HTML and build a website wa

building webpage uploading FTP

Using an FTP Client An Ftp Client is a piece of software that a webmaster cannot go without. FTP stands for File transfer protocol, and that’s exactly what it does – moves files from your local machine to a remote server where your websites are hosted. Now there are ma

building websites beginners tutorial 03

Finding Good Web Site Hosting Choosing a good hosting company for your website is a crucial step. Trust me; I have been down a long road of horrible hosting companies. The biggest mistake I made when I first decided to buy hosting for my website, looking for a hosting company to buy a


chop() PHP Functionchop() is identical to the rtrim function string rtrim(string $str[, string $charlist ])Strips characters including hex characters and hidden chars from the right most position in a string.Default strips

creating image watermarks

Creating PHP Watermarks$my_image = imagecreatefromjpeg('photo.jpeg');$watermark = imagecreatetruecolor(100, 70);imagefilledrectangle($watermark, 0,0, 99, 99, 0x0000FF);imagefilledrectangle($watermark, 9

CyberBully Law Takes Away Free Speech

Is Free Speech Threatened By CyberBully Law in Tennessee?Tennessee lawmakers Charles Curtis - D. Sparta, and Senator Bill Ketron of Murfreesboro, have concocted a law, Public Chapter 362, making it illegal to "post any image online that causes emotional dis


The die function Die('') is a very useful php function. You can place "die anywhere in a script that want that script to terminate. It also provides a bit of feedback to help the programmer when he/she needs to figure out where the script was last executing.


php echo contentEcho is used in php scripts to output content to the screen. echo is one of the most used functions in the php language.


Explode()PHP FunctionUsed to read, parse and manipulate website content.Chops text into smaller pieces and places each piece into an array variable. Content Example Store

favorite links


file get contents

file_get_contents PHP Functionfile_get_contents() streams in the content of a files that is passed to it as an argument.<?php$x = file_get_contents('testFile.txt);echo $x;


Filezilla Ftp Client, FTP SERVER vs WsftpBy D.Shaun MorganWhile I was writing this article, about halfway through, I realized that it would be unfair to tell my readers about Filezilla without also mentioning another very good FTP client called WSftp. So, I backtracked and

Florida Police Profiling Black Student

Police Profiling Black College Student? - Darnell DockettPosted July 23 2011 1015pmI wrote this in response to Florida law pulling over a ball player at FSU -- Darnell DockettYou can read that story at

freepress net

www.freepress.net is a website ran by people that work hard to keep the Internet free and available to the people. They work on and support a large number issues including"

gain admin rights to files from user account xp

How to Get Admin Rights for Files, Logged In as User - XPD.Shaun MorganHave you ever been logged into Windows XP as a regular user and then suddenly realized that you really need admin access to files?

how to make browser go back to last page with using php

How To Make Browser Go Back To Last Page With Php8/12/2014After submitting an HTML form or clicking a link encoded with variables and information, it is often desirable to the programmer that the user's browser be automatically redirected - to go back to the previous p

how to open create write files using php

Php file functions, Opening a file in php, reading a file in php, writing a file in phpIn this tutorial we will look at the most commonly used file functions used in php. The examples below should be pretty familiar to the seasoned php scripter, but they are useful nonethel

how to root cricket sanyo droid

Root Cricket Droid Phone Sanyo ZIO, by KyoceraThese instruction are specifically for the Cricket Droid Phone. However, they will work for most other Droid phones also. When I wanted to root my Cricket droid phone I could not find any place online where someo

how to turn variable value into variable name

Variable Variables in PHPEvery so often when you are writing a php file, we all run into a situation where we would like for the name of the string that is inside of your php variable to be converted into the actual name of another variable.

how to unzip files on your free hosting account

Uzipping Files on Your Web ServerIf you are using a free hosting account with godaddy.com and many of the other Free hosts out there, you may have found that they don't offer you a lot of features. One feature that I could not find on Godaddy.com free hosting accounts was a utility tha

how to use dreamweaver

Dreamweaver - WISIWIGDreamweaver is a tool that arguably could be called the industry standard for web design.Dreamweaver, is an Adobe product that originally belonged to Macromedia. They sold out to Adobe a few years ago. I have been using Adobe/Macromedia Dreamweaver for

how to install apache

How to install Apache On WindowsBefore starting, make sure that you are using the same version of Apache web server that is used in this tutorial.Apache file nameapache_2.2.4-win32-x86-no_ssl.msiDownload Apache 2.2 HerePlease Not

how to install php 5

How to Install PHP 5.x.x.x on WindowsThis is beginner's how-to manual explaining how to quickly setup a PHP 5 installation on a Windows PC. You must have an Apache webserver installed and working on your personal computer.This tutorial was written primarily for configuri

how to write html form using php

When learning PHP to build a website, one of the very first things that any newcomer, or beginner needs to learn is how to use HTML or XHTML ( will mean the same for this tutorial.) forms to collect information from users. Those data are usually email addresses, names, birthdays, and

how to write php functions

Explanation of a Basic PHP FunctionWhat is a PHP function?In PHP a function represents a block of instructions that perform a task. A PHP Function allows the user to re-use blocks of script without having to rewrite all the

html doctypes

HTML DOCTYPE DeclarationsHTML 5HTML 4.01 StrictHTML 4.01 Transitional

html rel

a link Rel=attributealternate Links to an alternate version of the document (i.e. print page, translated or mirror)author Links document Authorbookmark Permanent URL used for bookmarkinghelp Links to a help documentlicense Links to copy

html5 meter

HTML5 Meter Tag and JavaScript Try it! + -

html5 progress

HTML5 Progress TagExample to animate html5 progress tag with Javascript<progress id="progress_01"></progress><p id="mypos"></p><script language="JavaScri


how to use implode() php functionThe implode() php function is exactly the opposite of explode(). It takes an array of strings and combines them together returning one single string.$content[0]

Introduction to Computer Networks

Introduction to Computer NetworksNetworking, Computer networks, Ethernet, The Internet, intranet, LAN and WAN, all of these are terms that you probably see every day. But unless you are a networking professional or student, you probably don't really understand them. This article will

is my password safe in fiefox

Is My Password Safe Stored In FireFox?In short - Firefox uses triple DES in CBC mode with Master Password.More details nice article about this topic is here http//luxsci.com/blog/master-password-encryption-in-firefox-and-thunder

javascript how to read metatags

Javascript - How to Read Metatags document.getElementsbyTagName("meta")If you have already spent hours trying to figure out why your JavaScript code will not read metatags no-matter how hard

jerad miller la shooter

Jared Miller - The Las Vegas Cop Killer Thought He was JokerWhat is it with these psychos wanting to be the Joker?Where the hell is Batman?

jerad miller las vegas shooter

Jared Miller - The Las Vegas Cop Killer Thought He was JokerWhat is it with these psychos wanting to be the Joker?Where the hell is Batman?

Just In Time Compiling

JIT - Just in Time Compilers JIT refers to a special software that is found in web-browsers, and scripting engines such PHP's Zend. (My understanding of ZEND is that it produces byte-code and functions similar to other JIT compilers). For this discussion, without tryin

kony to justice

Help bring this Child Murderer to JusticeThis film is about a child murderer who preys on vulnerable children - abducting them in the middle of the night and forcin


ltrim ltrim() php functionltrim removes the leftmost entity from a string in PHP." " (ASCII 32 (0x20) - space. "\t" (ASCII 9 (0x09)) - tab. "" (ASCII 10 (0x0A) - (line feed)."\r" (ASCII 13 (0x0D))carriage return."\0" (ASCII 0 (0x00)) - Null Byte."\x0B" (ASCI

make money writing articles online

Make Money Writing Articles for Mrarrowhead.ComArrowhead is currently looking for talented tutorial writers. This website has experienced a lot of growth this year. With a larger audience we want to offer more diverse articles. We also w

mass murder elliot rodger

Mass Murderer Elliote Rodger was AutisticI've read his manifesto/autobiography --and there are few things that come to mind as I wonder


md5() md5 is a mathematical algorithm that is commonly called the md5 digest. The md5 procedure takes alphanumeric input and performs what is known as a hash returning a 128 bit unique sequence of 32 hexadecimal digits. This technique is sometimes used for security reaso

md5 file

How to Use md5_file()php functionmd5 is a mathematical algorithm that is commonly called the md5 digest. The md5 procedure takes alphanumeric input and performs what is known as a hash returning a 128 bit unique sequence of 32 hexadecimal digits. This technique is used f

mricrosoft change of privacy notice

Microsoft Changes Privacy Terms But Are They Still Spying On Customers! 6-13-2014 It is no secret that Microsoft has been tracking customers since the earliest da


MYSQL ERROR 22 - Can't Open Source FileRun the MYSQL command line toolOpen your backup file in a text editor. Does it start with a command to create or use the database? If not - Create it, if necessaryType use database filling in your DB name


nl2br() - How to convert newline characters to line breaks HTMLTo preserve the layout of characters type into a text-box and format it to display in an HTML documentnl2br() is a handy function.Simply pass into the

notepad plus

Notepad++Download Notepad Plus Plus Notepad plus plus is an open source, free text editor. It is an ideal choice for many programming and scripting languages. Example - How to write c++ w

nsa spying on citizens npr experiment

How the National Security Agency Spies on Americans National Public Radio Experiments With National Security Agency Spying The Information Technology industry has grown by

ob start

How to Use ob_start() - PHP8/12/2014bool ob_start ([ callback $output_callback [, int $chunk_size [, bool $erase ]]] )ob_start holds everything except for headers on a webpage - i.e the whole script, html, etcetera in an internal memory

odd number php script

Testing for Odd/Even Numbers - PHPExample - Banner Rotation PHP Script Odd/Even NumbersSimple Php Tutorial Creating Odd / Even Testing% modulus operator.$_SESSION['x'] % 2;

parse str

How to use parse_str()parse_str(string $str [,array &$arr ]) <?php$string = 'firstVar=first&secondVar=second&thirdVar=third';parse_str($string);echo $

passing data from one form to another form using php

Passing data from one form to another formTo pass php data from a form and then catch that data into another form one way to accomplish this task is to intermingle your php code into your HTML to dynamically capture variable values. This particular method is

php conditional statments if else switch

Conditional Statements If Else & Switch CaseIf ElseIf else is the bread an butter of programming - so-to-speak. if-else and Case Switch are known as conditional operators; they create conditions or criteria that a block of

php arrays

Passing PHP ArraysHow to pass php variable arrays between pages.Author Author D.Shaun Morgan

php example post array

Visual example of how PHP handles the super-global array variable "$_POST"Author D.Shaun MorganVersions and Skill LevelPHP Version - PHP 5xReader skill level - BeginnerXHTML 1.0 Transition

php passing variables

Pass Variables from One Page to Another -- PHPTutorial Outline Passing PHP variables with

privacy policy

Mrarrowhead.com Privacy PolicyFrom this point forward in this document mrarrowhead.com will be referred to asThis Website or This SiteThis Policy Notice is to let users of mrarrowhead.com know that this website is

quallcom gobi wont release vzaccess manager

QuallCom Gobi Driver Stuck In Verizon VzAccess Manager of Police Officer's Panasonic ToughBook CF31Today While Working on a Panasonic ToughBook CF31 For a Law Enforcement Officer, I placed a UM175 air card in the side USB port and waited for the system to recognize it and

reclaiming links with google webmaster tools

Reclaiming Old Links - Google Webmaster ToolsGoogle Webmaster Tools is not only great for checkingWhat content is listed in Google's index and how it ranksThe key words used to search for site co

register globals long arrays

Security, php.ini, register_globals and register_long_arraysAuthor D.Shaun MorganVersions and Skill LevelPHP Version - PHP 5xReader skill level - ALLTutorial Outline

retreive images mysql using php

How to get images out of mysql database with php and use them on my webpagesRetrieving Images From Mysql Database With phpAuthor D.Shaun MorganPHP Version - PHP 5xMysql Version - 5Tu

root ZTE X500 Android

How to Root ZTE X500 AndroidThis applies to all ZTE X500 Scores including the Cricket.FirstDownload and install ZTE Android Driver on your Personal Computer.


rtrimRemoves whitespace from the right side of a stringSeetrim()ltrim()

stop form spam captcha

PHP -- How to Protect My Email Form / Contact Form Against Spam BotsAuthor D.Shaun MorganRandom Name Fields to Stop SpambotRandom Name Fi

store images mysql using php

Storing Images in Mysql DatabaseTutorial OutlineCreating a Test Mysql DatabaseExample php Database FunctionExplanation of Database Function

Storing image locations mysql

Store Image URL in DatabaseRetrieve Image with PHP Script Saving URL Text in Database Saving image filesystem paths, of an image file in

str ireplace

mixed str_ireplace ( mixed $search , mixed $replace , mixed $subject [, int &$count ] ) Str_ireplace() searches and replaces text found in php strings and variables. Str_ireplace() is used for reformatting documents on the fly, making last minute fixes, and injecting new content into

str word count

str_word_count() phpCounts the numbers of words found in a string.Result

strip tags

StripTags() php function Striptags() is a php function that literally strips HTML tags out of files that are streamed in to php with a function like file_get_contents()


How to use stripslashes<?php$exampleString = 'My\ex\ampl\e';$charlist = 'ea';$StrippedString = stripslashes( $exampleString);echo $StrippedString;


strlen($string)Gives the length of string supplied arguments


strtoupper() - php$str = 'this string is all upper case';echo strtoupper($str); ResultTHIS STRING IS ALL UPPER CASE

substr count

How to use substr_count() int substr_count ( string $haystack , string $needle [, int $offset= 0 [, int $length ]] )substr_count ( string $haystack , string $needle [, int $offset= 0 [, int $length ]] )

text box change onlick

Javascript to Change the Text When ClickedThe code is pretty basic. Because I was dealing with 3 text boxes, I decided to just write 3 functions - one for each. With a little bit of work it should be fairly easy to create a loop that can handle all 3 text input boxes with one functio

textarea code overflow

Textarea Code Overflows and Runs Out Onto PageMy Decision to Use Textarea TagWhile working on a script for to edit content, I ran into few problems. First - because mrarrowhead is a website about building websites using php, I have had to battle with the best way to disp

tracking feedburner stats

Tracking your FeedBurner StatsIf you are using Feedburder to track your website's RSS feeds, then you may have noticed that when you follow a feedburner link to the site -- it sends along several link parameters. You can see these if you look at the area located just after t


trim() - phpTrims off white spaces from the beginning and ending of strings.$text = ' test ';$text =trim($text);echo $text;//gives 'test' with the white spaces gone


string ucwords(string $mystring)Takes This function takes a string.Returns Converts every first letter of every word to an upper case letter.

using php cookies variables

Using Cookie Variables in PHPSetting cookies in php is pretty straight forward. There is a php functionsetcookie();This function must be called before any anything else on the page or it will fail. There are two options to address

var dump

var_dump()var_dump() is very useful when you want to know what is inside of a php variable at certain spot in your php script.Arguments Passedvar_dump($variableToInspect)


Explanation of PHP Basic Syntax --New to PHPPhp is a language that is very much like writing c. The best feature of PHP versus c is that it is designed primarily to be used on WebPages -- allowing the author to intermingle their php code and the HTML on t


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Author: Molay Das | Website URL: |
How to pass 9 values through mail function?

Re: Admin

$value1 = 'value1';
$value2 = 'value2';
$value3 = 'value3';

$message = "value1 value2 value3";

$subject = "pass 9 values through mail";

$headers = 'MIME-Version: 1.0' . "\r\n";

$headers .= 'Content-type: text/html; charset=iso-8859-1' . "\r\n";

$headers .= 'From: Example ' . "\r\n";

mail($to, $subject, $message, $headers);
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YMMD with that ansewr TX
Author: jay | Website URL: |
Hi there just to let you know ... your facebook like button on the index page is not working ...Anyway yours is the first php tutorial site I had a chance to learn from around two years back...when i was a newbie..i really apprciate the efforts thank you

Re: Admin

Thank you For letting me know. I sent you a message from my personal Gmail account also.